Sigourney Belle

Expert guide for intuitive healing
Teacher of the feminine Tantric Arts

I am a rebel and an instigator, a lover of nature, beauty and human potential.

My genius is self revelation. I’m here to teach you how to own and love the parts you are ashamed of, or that you consider “not good enough”, to open the gateways to healing, purpose and love.

I’m devoted to mystical enquiry, to truth, to traversing the shadow realm, reclaiming pieces of my soul and guiding you to do the same. To remembering the truth of who you are. That is why you are here.

Over my years in the industry, I’ve become known for my ability to facilitate deep healing and unlock potent human potential. To feel ecstatic and in love with life — this is what we all deserve and we are all capable of. My field of expertise is connecting you to that indescribable force, the desire that resides within you.

“How can I become intoxicated on life and love?”

This is the question that demanded my full attention and has called me to become a leader in the unconventional healing arts.

Let me teach you everything I know.

“I’d rather be whole than good”
— Carl Jung —

My Healing Background

I began my career as a healer, working for 8 years as a physiotherapist, specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. The last 6 years have seen my training broaden into complementary medicines and healing modalities including reiki, yoga therapy, access bars therapy, the spiral process and teachings in sacred sexuality and the tantric arts. 

5 years ago, during my travels through India, I experienced an awakening and gained the gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience. Returning to Austraila, I discovered that I was able to read what was happening in the energetic and spiritual bodies of the clients I was working with.

I now combine my gifts as a medium and my connection to the more subtle, energetic realms with my practical, grounded wisdom of the body.

Every session I create is entirely unique and I work with intuitive bodywork, Tantric ritual and a touch of magick, to facilitate people on journeys deep into their subconscious, to shift the blocks to experiencing their natural state: alive, ecstatic and free.