Intuitive Healing and Guidance

Work online with intuitive healer, emotional & energetic clearing practitioner, Sigourney Belle to shift the subconscious limitations that are blocking access to your personal power and creative talents.

How the sessions work

My years of experience have shown me that the subtle, quiet messages are powerful allies when delving into the psyche. Often misunderstood, talented psychics deftly navigate the realms of universal energy and deep intuition, hearing what is not often loud enough to be heard.

You may be wondering how healing can happen online?

Universal energy is all around us. Some of it seen, some of it unseen. Like the waves of your favourite radio station, we know the signal is there, but we can’t touch it, can’t see it.

The best intuitive healers act like a radio, tuning their station and listening to what lies outside the realm of ordinary hearing. It is in this way that you and I can work together from anywhere in the world to initiate profound healing.

Combining kinesiology and my gifts as an intuitive medium, I will work with you to uncover what is limiting your highest potential.

Intuitive healing appointments are held over online video conference platform zoom. At the beginning of the session, we will get to know one another briefly before I start to feel more deeply into your energy and what your body wants to tell me. Each session is uniquely catered to you and what is alive for you in that moment.

60 minutes $150