Cairo Jan 2020: Sara Moussa

INVOICE No. 2153

Cairo Jan 2020: Sara Moussa


✨Dear Beautiful Sister of Golden Moon Light ✨

Thank you for booking a 1:1 intimate session in Cairo, Egypt. Upon payment of this invoice you are officially registered for your session and you will find all of the information you need in this email. ?

You have chose to initiate yourself into an intimate session, which can have profound and far reaching personal affects. This session can simply be a nurturing bodywork session, with no “intimate work”, except for an intimate exploration of tensions and emotions in the body – or can extend into the realms of what is called colloquially “yoni massage”. The latter of this requires a consent and understanding as it un-Earths our deepest emotions and contacts our deepest physiology. If you do not intend to have internal, intimate yoni work done, and are attending for a bodywork session, then there is nothing you specifically need to know.

If you are intending an yoni massage session, then before your session please read this page (, to understand exactly what to expect from your session, and please read and answer this questionnaire:

✶What is your intention for this session? 

✶Have you ever had activating and intimate vaginal bodywork before? 

✶Are there any areas of your body or issues you would like to receive extra focus that were not mentioned in your intention? 

✶Do you have any injuries, operations, or conditions which will affect the treatment, including scare tissues or female health concerns? 

✶How long is your cycle/menses and is it fairly regular? 

✶Have you experience sexual abuse at any stage in your life, and if so, have you done any work around this? Please specify if it was somatic therapy, sexual, spiritual, or psycho therapy without any body-based component. 

✶Are you comfortable with the full range of the treatment and do you give consent for the intimate and considerate care and touch of your nipples, breasts, clitoris, labia, and vagina? 

✶Are you able to understand the implications of being triggered by a treatment and capable of utilising emotional regulation techniques to address intense emotional or physiological states? (for more, click here)

✶Are you allergic to any laundry products, body oils, essential oils or other products which may cause concern for this treatment? 

✶Are you comfortable with the use of no gloves during this intimate part of this session or would you prefer the use of gloves? 

✶Please note down the address, day, and time of your session. It is not necessary to arrive earlier than your session – sessions are usually 2 – 2.5 hours, but we allow for 3 hours. If you have any issues or questions, or to return or discuss your questionnaire, contact me. My WhatsAp number is +971521696869, if you run into any issues on the day.

✨Stay Golden. ✨

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