The Gipsy Wand

Crystal Wands have many uses for the body. They can create powerful healing, manifestation, meditation and pleasure (for men and women). Be it for the Yoni or when used on pressure points during massage, these wands are excellent tools. When the wand is used for sexual encounters the energies are stored in the wand. Sexual energy is life force energy so by storing these energies you are able to harness them later.Before using your wand just set your intention and you are on your way!



Labradorite – Free Will

This powerful stone helps to order intellectual thought whilst blending it with intuitive wisdom. It helps one recognise the truth behind thoughts and actions. Labradorite brings wisdom of ones spiritual purpose. Imaginative and original thought are often amplififed with this stone.

Spiritual and Other Aspects – Prepares the body and soul for the ascension process. Clear access to ones Akashic records via meditation which aids in the uncovering of true spiritual purpose. Calms an overactive unfocused mind. Empowers the imagination by raising new ideas whose seed may be found in the spirit.

Possible Physical – Stress related eye and brain disorders. High blood pressure. Metabolic and Hormonal imbalance. Menstrual tension. Can help in finding of the true cause of disease

Animal Totem – Coyote

Essential Oil – Pine

We recommend starting your practice with a sensual massage to warm the body up, you can find our heart opening breast massage oil here

Width: 40mm (thickest point)
Length: 175mm

Please note – The colour of this wand can vary. We do our very best to select the most vibrant wands possible but due to the nature of the stone there will be variations. Please contact us if you would like images of our current selection.


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