Yoni Massage Sessions

Heal your relationship with your sexuality and activate your capacity to experience embodied pleasure.

The yoni is the Sanskrit term and corresponds anatomically to a woman’s sexual organs- the vagina, womb and cervix and translates to “source of all life” and “sacred space”.

The Tantric practise of yoni massage works to clear the blockages within this space so that the feminine life force energy (Shakti) that originates from this space can move freely through the body. This results in a greater connection to our womb- our energetic power centre and also our sexual energy.

The result? Enhanced pleasure, creativity, vitality and ecstatic union and deep intimacy with your self.

During a yoni massage session, we work with Tantric bodywork as well as internal yoni massage, to release any physical, emotional and energetic blocks to experiencing pleasure.

To find out more about the practise of Tantra and how it may benefit you, you can head to the FAQ page, here.

90 minute session of tantric bodywork with yoni massage $250
2 hour session of tantric bodywork with yoni massage $300